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Case Study – MarketStar

MarketStar had experienced tremendous growth since first being founded by Alan Hall.  At this point MarketStar had been purchased by Omnicom and was struggling with fast paced growth and a lack of identity.  Although they had used advertising agencies in the past they were experiencing the pains that come with trying to maintain a corporate brand without all of the expense of an agency.  The corporate website had become incredibly complicated and confusing and printed collateral was even worse with each department venturing out on their own.  Below are examples of ways the “brand” of MarketStar shifted to being more friendly with a focus on key individuals as “experts.”



Original Website

The old website was a wall of buttons. MarketStar was trying to make “everything” important and in the process created a sea of confusion. The use of stock photography created a very generic visual voice and the corporate color pallet was drab and uninviting.




New Website Design

The new site greatly simplified the navigation and segmented their market into 3 basic categories.  The main emphasis of the site was to promote the talented people at MarketStar and feature them as content experts.  Highlighted case studies were driven by current and relevant opportunities instead of “old news.”  The updated color pallet and overall brand became consistent with everything else the company was doing from internal communications/materials to powerpoint decks and case studies.

Product Commercialization

MarketStar was in dire need of defining and commercializing their product offerings. Fast growth created new products but if your customers don’t know about them, they can’t take advantage. Although each product has it’s own brand name, the design of each created a family of MarketStar Services that easily communicated in a single page the additional services they provide.  Click here to see an actual Product 1-Pager.

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Content Creation

Content is the name of the game when it comes to social media.  The great thing about MarketStar was their intelligence and insight around B2B Channel Sales and Retail Training. White papers and case studies were created to easily share that content and were featured on the website only when customers supplied an email address and phone number.  White papers and case studies became a qualifying lead generation tool that consistently provided quality leads to the business development team. Click here to view and actual Case Study.

 Corporate Collateral

As a company grows the story of the company changes. MarketStar experienced significant growth and was in need of a fresh company overview that conveyed their unique product offering. You can imagine the challenge of distilling a lot of complex data and terms into an easy-to-read format. This introductory piece of collateral was most often a clients first opportunity to see and understand what MarketStar could offer them as a potentail customer. You’ll notice the use of key experts that mirror the website and a brief explanation of the main product offerings.
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