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04 Nov Wee-Care Creative Concepts

Here's a great example of how good concepts sell the overall ideas needed for a company to make changes.  Wee-Care is struggling with getting everyone on the same page in updating their overall brand.  With some - why fix it if it isn't broke and...

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16 Jul Vomela Events Logo

It's great when a quick sketch turns into a great finished logo!  I can't count the number of times when I had sketched something that looked like it would work perfectly only to find out that it flopped.  This is one of those times when...

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08 Jul What can 1 hour do?

I get the opportunity to see some really bad artwork on a daily basis.  I understand that the computer has made it "easy" for a lot of people to DIY - but let's look at what 1 hour of design time can do for really...

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29 Jun CanCo Event Poster

This poster was created for TRF and their event where Jesse Robinson and Jeff Steenblik will be biking from Canada to Mexico! Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease among children in the United States. Along the bike ride they will be...

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