6ixAM | March Fo[u]rth
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March Fo[u]rth

A new logo developed for the Tyler Robinson Foundation started by the rock band Imagine Dragons. Tyler Holt Robinson lived the type of meaningful life that lifted his friends, family, and the band Imagine Dragons. The date March 4th has a deep meaning to those closest to Tyler, it is a reminder to us to march forth in life. This undeniable call to march forward has taken form as TRF’s annual giving campaign. Operation March Fo[u]rth starts with a goal of $1,000,000 in one day!


So I’m going to ‘rant’ a bit and try to be nice. The computer has made it very easy for people to do design work – much easier than when I was in college (before the computer really even became a graphics tool). It has allowed people to use “effects” to create “cool” designs.  But the basic fundamental principles of design are being overlooked.  Here are the 3 concepts I sent to the client when I had an idea of what they were trying to do.  This was to be a global event – something that would kick off in 2015 and hopefully continue on year-after-year.  Incorporating the “global” message was important but they also needed a unique mark that could translate easily to different mediums – especially t-shirt designs.  A good logo works in black and white and doesn’t need special treatments.  All of the design submitted could be used 1-color just as easily as 2.  I know the computers have opened the door to many people that have a passion for design – but a computer is just a tool and design principles still need to apply.  In the end, the client just asked for a different color 🙂  Yellow is the official color for childhood cancer.

A Day of Fundraising Events – March 4, 2015