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Vita-MA’AM Concepts

11 Nov Vita-MA’AM Concepts

Here is a great lesson in quick concepting:  a new client requested some designs for a new line of vitamin products.  I knew only that they market specifically to women and with that I set out to see if I could create something that “hit the mark.”  Now I should have asked more questions – but knowing that my contact is very busy it was super easy to knock out a couple of concepts to see if we were even close.  No surprise – this isn’t what they were looking for.  I got an email with a few photos of existing things they were doing and things that they liked.  Within a few minutes we had something that they fell in love with.  Now each of these concepts are great – but until the design speaks to the client…it doesn’t mean anything.  Can you guess the winning concept?  How would you know which to pick if you didn’t have all the information???


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